Planning and Evaluation Committee

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Prepare strategic plans for infrastructural improvement.
  • To scrutinize the budget submitted by the each departments and monitor the utilization of departments budget.
  • Examine the budget proposals and submit to the management.
  • To verify the stock in the laboratories, sports, library, stores, Exam cell and CoE.
  • To set high standard of discipline and its implementation.


S.No. Name Designation Position
1Dr. Umadevi KPrincipalChairman
2Mr. Veerabagu SOthers - Managing DirectorMember
3Dr. Palanisamy K.L.ProfessorMember
4Dr. Sujatha BProfessorMember
6Dr. Umapathy MProfessorMember
7Dr. Venkatesan ROthers - Scientist G and Programme DirectorMember
8Mr. Senjadaivel KOthers - Civil EngineerMember