Student Welfare Committee

Functions and Responsibilities

The Student Welfare Committee aims at achieving numerous objectives for improving the academic process:

  • Committee helps Slow Learning Students to solve their academic, social, and psychological problems.
  • Committee helps overcome educational difficulties in languages and suggest appropriate solutions.
  • Committee helps develop the students’ interactive skills, such as translation, communication, and teaching skills.
  • Committee Boost the students’ individuality, autonomy, and self-dependence through giving them the freedom to choose, maintain, and organize their activities of interest.
  • Some students might encounter some financial problems (Fees Payment issues). The student in distress as such shall be directed to the Student Welfare, which shall in turn communicate with both the student and the department.
  • A student is allowed to absent himself for more than a week for valid reasons, the student’s attendance shall be recommended to cancel out with the acknowledgement of the Principal.
  • The committee also meets with the student’s parents if necessary to explicate the downsides of family disputes and their effects upon the student.
  • In case the student suffers from a psychological illness, such as anxiety or depression, he will be suggested to a specialized doctor immediately.
  • Recommendations and Feedback will be submitted to the authorities concerned regarding Transport, Classroom management, Drinking water, Canteen facilities, Waiting hall, etc .,
  • Recommendations for activities to be made in support of Higher Education, Competitive exams, Industrial visits and Soft skills training.
  • Committee facilitates students to apply various scholarships of both Central and State Governments.


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